Joint event with Synthon, s.r.o. company

07. 07. 2022

On June 23, 2022, a joint event was held for the occasion of the implementation contracts with the Synthon, s.r.o. Blansko company coming to an end. In the last two years we’ve implemented many orders together with the Synthon, s.r.o. Blansko company. The most important ones being the "Construction of a new laboratory building - BSMP Project - Stage "A", „Built-in of laboratories for the development of pharmaceutical forms", "UNIT 1 - Reconstruction of the premises of a small dryer line 250", "Premises for the Spray dryer" and more worth almost 300 milion CZK.  Due to the COVID-19 precautions not being social events friendly we’ve finally managed to organize a joint afternoon at the Černá Hora Pivovar.

The event was attended by the BLOCK and Synthon company employees who participated in the implementation of the above orders. Everyone enjoyed their time during the program prepared by the Pivovary Lobkowicz company, which has been the parent company of Černá Hora Pivovar for a few years now.

They spent a nice afternoon „over a beer“ in the beautiful surroundings of the Černá Hora Pivovar with a professional interpretation by a company brewer Mr. Bořivoj Sládek. The program started with a brewery tour, then a beer degustation with a commentary and a beer quiz followed. It all finished with a beer tapping training.



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